Friday, 18 January 2013

Parrulo Duck

Parrulo D. is an angry Duck who came with Little Red Hood, Super Mario and Polari at Christmas. He was made with white wool yarn and hook nº 5 (head, body, tale and wings), and pink wool yarn and hook nº3 (peak and legs). In the coming weeks I will post the Parrulo pattern and Pitita too. For now, I'm fighting with the diagrams.

Parrulo's pictures have low quality (technical issues), so I did something like a slides-comic, talking about the silly story of Parrulo and Pebie. If you want to know this story just press play in the box below. I recommend you to stop the presentation, and manually move the slides. 

Song played by Parrulo: O pato (João Gilberto)
Song played by Pebie: Hunter (Dido)


  1. hello, i want the pattern of the duck. I look for in the blog but i can`t find it. my email is!!!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest in my work! Unfortunately, I haven’t transcribed the pattern yet. Right now I'm busy in personal business, but I guess that a simple pattern version (without photos) could be published in no more than two weeks.