Friday, 11 April 2014

Willy and Maya pattern

Hi everyone! Studies, work and family have kept me busy lately, and my Willy pattern project arrives late. To compensate you for this delay I've made Willy's best friend, Maya, that's include in Willy's pattern. Here you can find some pictures of the couple and, below, the pattern links. The pattern is full of great detail, with written instructions, diagrams and photo-Tutorials. Right now it is only available in Spanish. Next week will also be published in English and Portuguese. Do not miss any updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus

Olá pessoal! Nos últimos dias estive muito ocupada com estudos, trabalho e família. É por isso que o projecto do modelo de Willy chega com atraso. Para compensar vocês por este contratempo, fiz também a melhor amiga do Willy, a Maia, que incluo no modelo de Willy, convertido assim no modelo de Willy e Maia. :) A seguir mostramos algumas fotos da parelha, e depois os links onde pode encontrar o modelo. O modelo está cheio de grande detalhe, com instruções escritas, esquemas e foto-Tutoriais. Por enquanto só está disponível em espanhol, mas na semana próxima será publicado também em inglês e em português. Não perca nenhuma actualização, siga-nos em FacebookTwitter e Google plus.

¡Hola gentes! En los últimos días he estado muy liada con estudios, trabajo y familia ... y en consecuencia el proyecto del patrón de Willy se retrasó demasiado. Para compensar este retraso decidí hacer tambíen la mejor amiga de Willy, Maya, e incluirla en el patrón. A continuación encontrareis algunas fotos de la parejita, y al final los links del patrón. El patrón está lleno de todo lujo de detalles, con instrucciones escritas, diagramas y foto-tutoriales. Por ahora solo está disponible en español, pero la próxima semana estará disponible también en inglés y en portugués. No te pierdas ninguna novedad, síguenos en FacebookTwitter y Google plus

Photo editing: Miguel Ângelo Desing


  1. So cool! I watched the movie when I was younger and both are soooo beautiful <3

  2. Hi, thank you so much for sharing such fabulous patterns! I would like to ask if you have done the Maya and Willy patterns in english yet? My friend is from Poland and has named her daughter after Maya the bee (so cute) and as I am just learning to crochet I would love to make it for her daughter's birthday. I have checked your Ravelry store but I can't find it there either :-( I appreciate you are a busy person but could you let me know asap, many thanks, Sharon xx

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for your interest in my pattern. The pattern translation was stopped because personal issues, but I'll have some free days soon, so the English pattern could be ready in January. :)

    2. Thanks for replying so quickly, I look forward to January :-) Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year xx

  3. I am so looking forward to this pattern translated to English. Is there a possibility you could e-mail me at Thank you.