Friday, 9 November 2012

Just in case ... a little case

This case can be used to carry or keep many things, such as make-up, headbands, hairpins, or even your glasses. Everything you keep inside will be safe, because Hanna, the happy sheep, will take care of it.

 If you know how to crochet, you can easily make a case like this one. Just begin doing 36 chain (the number or chains depends on both, the case size you want and the yarn weight you are using). First round: Starting from second chain from hook, Sc 34, 3 Sc in next Sc Turn and Sc 33, 2 Sc in next Sc (72 sc). Second to last rounds: Sc in sc (72). It's very easy!. You can even do a decrease in three or two rounds before the last one, in order to get a shaped case. You only need do two decreases, in sc 35 and in sc 71. Finally, you can add any ornament you already know how to crochet, such as flowers, or stars. And don't forget add a cloth lining and a zipper.

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  1. It seems to be something easy to do. I'll try it!